Friday, January 05, 2007

For the 17 in New Delhi

I just read this disturbing story on about Women and children who were brutally raped and killed in a poor New Delhi neighborhood. These women spoke out about how the Police ignored their reports of missing Children they told them to stop having so many children. When one woman reported her grown daughter missing they told her that her daughter had "loose character". These women did not gain any recognition until they found the remains of 17 women and children buried in a rich suburb in New Delhi.
It is ridiculous that these women had to lose thiner children before anyone would pay attention to the serial killers that were preying on them because they were poor. These killers knew that no one would believe them because they were poor, and they were able to get away with kidnapping and killing these people for at least 3 years! My question is when will our lives count? When will the lives of poor women and children be important enough to investigate when they are being attacked. If the police had seriously looked in to these cases they would have realized that there was a pattern. Instead all these self righteous classist, misogynistic police saw were women who couldn't keep their legs closed and couldn't keep track of their children. They didn't see their mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, friends and lovers who were pleading with them to help them. But these women are rising up they are fighting this neglect, they are not allowing their silence to be bought but they are speaking out, they are fighting. I just pray that their please will be heard.

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