Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Do I get my Lesbian card now?

Okay so I have a confession.... I'm not very proud of it, I feel a little cliche but I just downloaded a Melissa Etheridge song from itunes. I'm just trying to get my official Lesbian card, and hopefully with that I will also get my gaydar because Damn it, it would really come in handy. But, that's besides the point, but yes I downloaded a Melissa Etheridge song, her new one A message to myself

Its actually not that bad of a song, but I'm just branching out my musical tastes, because I grew up in the Black people don't listen to rock, country or anything that can be construed as "White people's music", and its been hard for me to break that hold. But I've been making some steps like I really like the group the Cliks, but the Melissa Etheridge thing brings up a whole new group of issues, mainly I don't wanna be that girl more specifically that lesbian, you know that super lesbian, who just came out and is all about everything rainbows, and lesbian, you know she cuts her hair gets super militant. There was even a post on about it, the blogger talked about being post gay, and I just don't want to be that girl, but at the same time I feel like I'm still letting others dictate how I'm going to express my sexuality. I guess when it comes down to it I've never wanted to be the super trendy follow everyone type of girl, and that works to my disadvantage sometimes. So I don't know for all my queer folks out there are you post gay?


Laura Luna said...

OMG I totally remember first coming out and being all about the rainbows and everything gay. 'Post gay' well that depends. I feel like i'm gay, so yes, I hang out with mostly queer people and do queer things, I go to queer clubs and Queer conferences and performances, but I do think it's kind of 'post gay' b/c I feel like I'm not just all about the club scene, it's like I want to make a difference, so I choose to spend my money and time at things/places that expand my mind and help me meet 'quality' (whatever that means to anyone, to me, it means queer women who are openminded and not just superficial, who want to make a change) women...there is nothing for me like an intellectual it turns me on soo much. My friend is doing her doctoral dissertation on Butch women/identity and I was like 'ok, I need to speak with EVERYONE that you interview..thx'
ok...I've gone off on a please forgive me...
many blessings to you...

Journey_Wmn said...

Oh my goodness I'm writing my thesis on Butch Lesbian Identity, well actually Black Butch Lesbian identity and how it is related to Black Queer spaces.

oh and I love you tangents!!!

Laura Luna said... I need to meet EVERYONE you are interviewing for your thesis too... ;)

glad you like my tangents!

Contrived by D said...

Okay so you both are amazing. Yay intellect! That's an interesting issue you bring up, friend-- about Black culture rejecting "white people's" music-- but then when cultures overlap (who knew there were Black lesbians out there! (oh my))there's a more complex situation at hand. I've always rejected the "hate so and so" music because for me it's about feeling good. If a song feels good, I don't care who wrote it, as long as they aren't a biggot in some way.

On another note, something that comes up in my program alot is questioning whether or not we value artists because they are good artists or because they are good people (and good artists). So if someone turns out to be an a-hole, does that mean we reject their music/art? A buddy of mine said she would much rather live in a world of good people than good artists, and I'm pretty much with her all the way on that one...but it's still something to think about.

“I remember how being young and black and gay and lonely felt. A lot of it was fine, feeling I had the truth and the light and the key, but a lot of it was purely hell.” ~Audre Lorde