Thursday, April 26, 2007

There's something about bald women

I don't know what but there's something about bald women of color particularly, they are just some of the sexiest women I've ever seen. They exude confidence, you just have to be so self confident to cut off all of your hair. a rare treat for you all an actual picture of me

okay you can't see my face but that's my hair, I've had locs for going on 4 years now, and I love my hair I can't even imagine cutting it off. But I wish I had the confidence to do so. Its not only bald women, but women with really low cuts you have to have this confidence this surity in yourself to just rock your hair low. These women are going against the grain in so many ways, saying yes I do have really short hair and I'm still sexy, I'm still a woman. This is what the world needs more of. So here's a little tribute to them all I'm also including the woman who inspired me to post this pic, I found her poem through Tigera Consciente


deviousdiva said...

I went bald a few years back and I can honestly say it was the best haircut I ever had. I would definitely recommend it but your locks look fabulous. If I had them I wouldn't cut them off!

bfp said...

i just have to say, that I think it's black women specifically who can carry off the bald look. my mexican ass sure can't. and could you imagine somebody like, say, lucy lui bald? and white women can't carry off the bald look any better than the rest of us non-black women of color can--um, hillary clinton bald anyone? (hee hee)

I think that a lot of latinas can pull of that last hair cut tho--the one with the chick in white. and I personally love the hell out of that look. esp when it's combined with a butchy type outfit like a suit or something--

and guess what, I can tell you're beautiful even tho you tried to hide your face!! :-)

Laura Luna said...

why are you hiding your face? I *heart* your locks...they look beautiful. Yeah and I love me some bald black women! YAY
oh and that last mujer...who is she?? *devilish grin*

have a great weekend and blessings to you.

JrnyWmn said...

Deviousdiva- yeah I can't even fathom cutting off my locs, but the idea of going completely bald definitely sounds liberating!

BFP- you always make my heart smile! I've seen some Latinas rock the low cut too and they looked HOT!!! If I find a pic I'll post it for you.

Laura Luna - I've gotta hide my face, I've got people looking for me. Lol not really, but the last woman I found randomly on myspace search around and you might get lucky *pun intended* lol

Darkmind said...

So many people fall victim to the Eurocentric ideal of beauty that they fail to embrace the beauty of the female form in all of its variations. It is so ingrained into culture (not just in the US, but a world wide scale) that it is said that in a prison situation, one of the harshest punishments you can do to a woman is to shave thier head and make fun of thier appearance. I suppose that it is only the truly self actualized (or sociopathic) women who can rise above thier exteriors with that level of confidence. They radiate beauty from within, something no hairstyle could accomplish...Any hairstyle would be a redundancy-almost a mockery-of thier beauty.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the comment that it's specifically black women who can look good bald. Natalie Portman is just one white woman who looks great without hair. And I've seen a few other women who were not black that looked absolutely stunning without hair as well. But I do think it needs a certain head shape and certain facial features to pull off well.

tareva said...

I agree with the anonymous poster above me, Natalie looked marvelous, and c'mon you can't forget sinead, demi.. plus many more.

BlackNBeautiful said...

I also love the bald look. And there are random days when I feel like exuding it. Like at Church today, all I could think about was shaving my head and how low maintenance it'd be. But sadly my face is not feminine enough, I'm short, and not high fashioned at all. I am jealous of you all who can do it!

Founder, nonprofit, Bald Girls Do Lunch Inc said... helps women who cannot grow hair normally due to alopecia areata.

We promote choice and freedom so women can develop the self-confidence to wear wigs or be bald whenever they choos.....not dictated by what the rest of society( and her family) expects her to do.

It's fun to get compliments on our attractive head shapes....something I know I never gave one second's thought to before losing my hair.

Choice is nice. We have our work cut out for us, though, in educating the pubic that we're not getting chemo.


Angela said...

There is something about a bald woman...It is her courage to step out of societal norms and be who she was destined to be from the inside out! She takes control of her life...exudes strength and confidence; this tells on lookers that she is not only worthy of respect, but that she will give it as well.
My journey as a bald woman has been filled with so much joy, but it only happened when I embraced who I was, reaching into myself, and expressing it by reaching out to others. Each bald woman is beautiful in her own right. The shape of her head is unique to her alone, much the same as hair color is unique unto others. There are no distractions to take from the beauty of her face or the depth of her eyes...
She is altogether lovely!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I recently went bald, for a cancer fundraiser, and yes, the fact that it's going to take a realllyyyyy long time to grow back is scary, but:
I have random people telling me how amazing I look
I have random people telling me how brave I am
I have friends and aquantances tell me how beautiful that is and how well it suits me
I love the fact that it takes NO time to style my hair
I love the idea of having healthy new hair grow in!
So! All in all it's pretty great. And:
I'm a white 5'5 girl, with a thin but curvy body and no, I'm not "high fashion" at all! So I really think people should try it! Worst comes to worst and u wear a wig! Big deal!

“I remember how being young and black and gay and lonely felt. A lot of it was fine, feeling I had the truth and the light and the key, but a lot of it was purely hell.” ~Audre Lorde