Friday, July 28, 2006

Grad school

AHHH It's about to start, my life it is. I'm leaving tonight to move to the city of my grad school. Tuesday I show up to get everything started with my assistantship. It's really happening, I'm going to be on my own. Grad School ...... WoW I'm actually going to be taking classes all focused on People of African descent, this seems like a dream but I'm excited. So goodbye North and hello South. Any advice for the new grad student?

The school I'm going to is my second choice and my first choice school just took it's time in processing my paper work, so I just forgot about it and moved on I got an amazing assistantship and put my attention on the 2nd choice school. What happens today? I get a letter in the mail from my 1st choice school, I got in! talk about timing, their loss I'm off to the school that was actually on top of paperwork and that wanted me.


skyscraper said...

oh, wow,

congratulations, woman!!!!!!!!!

that's awesome news. i hadn't realized you were applying to grad schools for this year. wow, second choice can be much better than the first--you just never know. but just go with what you gut tells ya.

i was in the same situation until very recently; i mean it was so identical, it's not even funny. the school that i'm ultimatley going to, on the west coast, was, like, not even my last choice initially, cuz i wasn't intent on going back there at all, but still applied 'just in case'; cuz i was applying to 30+ schools already.

well, as this weird crazy life would have it, i was destined to meet this incredible strong woman from that school [while being thousands of miles away], who's inspired me to wanna be part of that school, who heads a crutial legal center in the area of the law that i'm interested in, whose amazing and relentless work i admire and adore; and who's now the strongest woman that inspires me in my legal career...

anyhow, i'm the happiest person in the world right now.

ironically, my "first choice' school [that was only perpetualized in my dreamds as my top choice because my ex-GF said so, and because she was, supposedly, going to stay here for years] called me next week saying that they want me too.

but, ironically, they weren't by far my first choice anymore. and after much contemplation, weighing and unrest, as well as analyzing what factors matter the most for my career interest and my potential moral satisfaction, AND money they gave me too, of course, i've come to the decision that my 'safe' choice was the best choice for me, after all.

yeah, life hands you surprises like that every once in a while. and i'm glad that it also gives you clues on what choice to make... if you're listening.

i think you listeneed. i mean, it sure sounds like that. you seem to be happy with your decision and if your gut feeling tells you you'll be in peace going there---then you should.

contgratulations again, jrnywmn. i think you're doing a great thing. and also for some reason, i think we were destined to meet some day. why else did i come across your blog? or you came across mine somehow, by sheer chance...

all the best in the world to you, girl, and i hope you keep safe. sorry i haven't been back here too much, but my own grad school shit calls, you know. i'm in the process of moving right now, just like yourself i bet.

but i'm always here... you know how to find me. drop me a line sometimes, will ya?


fiercelyfab said...


Looks like you're at the right place, you and Sky are an inspiration to me...women of color in grad school, one day I'll make my way to the Ivory Tower again.

“I remember how being young and black and gay and lonely felt. A lot of it was fine, feeling I had the truth and the light and the key, but a lot of it was purely hell.” ~Audre Lorde