Wednesday, December 05, 2007

2 am teeth grinding

It's 2 am I'm working on a presentation, and what I've come to realize is that I grind my teeth. Does anyone know how to stop this, besides getting rid of the stress in your life?


Di said...

one of my favorite people in life does this as well (no names :) ) and I think they sell plastic things to wear in your mouth to prevent you from hurting your teeth-- the problem is, who wants to have plastic chemicals leeching into their mouth all night long?

Muna wa Wanjiru said...

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In order to better cope with teeth grinding you may try some relaxation techniques and see how you sleep afterwards; yoga and breathing exercises could be of real help. Don't rush to administrate any drugs since teeth grinding could be dealt with otherwise too, and in far more natural ways. Have a look on the Internet, or talk to a therapist about the best ways to induce a relaxation state. Most people who have listened to soothing music, used aromatherapy or taken a long relaxing bath before going to bed, have shown significant improvement in the bruxism condition.

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