Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Copy cats suck!!

I'm pissed!!

I was on facebook the other day when I notice that this girl I went to Trinidad with got the exact same tattoo as me, but instead of it on her wrist its on her neck. Now this was no coincidence, she did not just happen upon the same design as me. I posted the picture of my tattoo shortly after I got it and this girl wrote on my wall ooh I want that tattoo. I commented back hehe thanks, and that was it in my mind. Now 7 months later she posts pictures of the exact same tattoo that I have. Now I don't have a common tattoo, I'm sure that there are people in the world with my tattoo, but I think its just tacky to copy the exact same tattoo that someone you know has. I'm so mad, I took time and researched and thought about this and its very personal to me. Now I don't doubt that she appreciates the meaning but this girl doesn't have a track record of being very thoughtful with tattoos. She has a rosary on her foot, mind you she's not catholic and doesn't even believe in God. She has a Sanskrit tattoo on her back that doesn't even mean what she thought. I know this may sound petty but I'm just so mad that she blatantly copied my tattoo.

The original

The copy


QQ said...

Its not petty.. there are more than enough adinkra symbols she could have used.. (hell I have an adinkra symbol on my back but a totally diff one.)

But don't sweat it too much..hers is in a very tacky location. lol

Anacaona said...

and I would like to add that hers is poorly done, yours looks much better and I'm NOT just saying that because your my bf :-p

Fab Fierce Femme said...

I agree anacaona...Journey yours is much better! What a biter!

z.bediako said...

OMG thats crazy. She probably printed out your picture and took it to the tattoo artist. yours does look better

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