Friday, April 04, 2008

The Burden of Neat hair

August 30th will mark 6 years of having my locs. I absolutely love my locs currently they are the only thing about my body that I really love. When I first loc'd my hair they were very thick, but I've noticed that they're getting thinner and thinner. For the most part its not a problem because they're still fairly thick. But, the reason why they're getting thinner is because about every two weeks I retwist my hair. I follow this schedule for several reasons, the first being that 2 weeks is the normal hair washing schedule and once I wash them they are in desperate need of re twisting. Sometimes I get lazy and the push that I need to re twist usually comes from me having to wear a scarf for a while because me hair doesn't look neat. I've been complimented many times on my locs and its always in reference to how long and neat they are, basically this is the only "acceptable" way to have locs. Everyone wants to emphasize how mine look so much better than those other people's whose locs are so messy and thick.
When I originally loc'd my hair it was out of desire to have a more permanant natural hair style. After years of breaking off my hair than regrowing it I decided to stop perming my hair. I wanted to keep my hair natural but had no idea how that would be accomplished. So following in the footsteps of my 2 older siblings I loc'd my hair, the same person who started their's also started mine , my sister in law. As time has gone by I have begun to cherish the way that they have come out and I love how they show how beautiful natural hair is. I've had to twist a few locs together because they were getting thin, and I know that the answer is to not re twist so often. But, as much as I want to tell all those people who talk about "neat" locs to go fuck themselves, I still feel compelled to fall in line with the neat locs society. I don't know wish me luck in not twisting my hair for at least a month, and hopefully I can begin to reverse the affects of this brainwashing.


QQ said...

You took the words right out of my mouth! This year starts year 4 for me and I am at a constant struggle with the "acceptable" look vs whats healthy and natural..ahhh..good luck. you will find the balance!

EvolvingContradiction7 said...

Gyrl I understand what you are going through, you do have some years in the process but everyday is a learning experience with your hair isn't it?

EvolvingContradiction7 said...

Social Work... Thanks for the encouragement means alot!

mkha said...

lol at the "neat locs society" true. the best thing i ever did for my locks and sanity was to simply stop twisting and freeform. they totally loved it...sometimes we have to set our own standards sis :)

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